Film Concept Ideas.

An idea for a short entered my mind last Saturday night. A spark of inspiration flourished. But to make this idea appear on screen, I knew i had to figure out if i could make it happen. So, I grabbed my brother and shoved hime in front of the lens and created a small scenario I could play with in the editor.

The basic idea, was a contact lens that when the user touches something, effectively just named that object. For instance, you touch a house, the word house appears! Simple, but something fun to try out!

So my first thought is, well, tracking. Im going to have to track my footage to attach the text, to what we’re seeing. Now I know, I’ll need some high contrast detail to give the tracker the easiest points to track. Now I’m shooting various places outside my front door, so, not the worst detail.Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 16.04.27.png

For the job I’m using HitFilm Ultimate 2 – They’re actually now on their 4th instalment of the software, definitely check them out – It has a built in native tracker, but also has Mocha, attached to the program too which is a massive help for more detailed camera solves.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 16.04.02

Now, for still handheld shots, it was relatively easy to track. The software had little to no struggle tracking the shots I gave it. But i did, have one long shot, where the ‘character’ starts walking around just poking things, seeing the information pop as he goes.
This was a struggle for me and the software to track. The camera moved in the scene way to much, so it was basically impossible for the software, both the native tracker and mocha, to solve the track.

Im really excited to develop this idea, and see if i can complete a rough concept, to put into an actual short film.
In retrospect, I think to further the idea. I’ll actually do the effect from the point-of-view of the character, so we are seeing the effect through their eyes not ours. And also, keep in mind more what the software I have to hand, can handle.

I’ll keep you update, with it’s progress!

Josh @ InitialPictures

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 16.03.44



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