Project 336: A Filmmaking Initiative

PROJECT 336 is a Film-making initiative setup by Initial Pictures Founder, Josh Castree.
The project exists as a two week – 336 hours – rolling production. During the two weeks, an entire short film will be created. Starting with a script, moving on to pre-production; Storyboarding, producing. Then shooting and editing the film. All working to release the film on the 14th day.

The content will be consistent and always original. This will challenge the creators in all aspects of film. Writing. Editing. Cinematography. Acting. To strive to come up with completely new material and content.

The final aim of this setup, is the eventual situation of having two films released each month.

Its existence enables creators to produce their own content, what ever they need or want, and is run for and by, the creators involved.


The first run of this project is due to start soon. Keep checking back, to see whats created!

Josh @ initialPictures